Chore Reward & Behavior Chart - Reusable Cling Stickers - Sport Designs

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Help your kids be successful - give them chores! And the earlier you start - the better for your kids (and you!).  Use this fun and functional board to help kids see their successes doing chores and their other responsibilities, like behavior and manners.  

  • Research has shown when kids do chores they tend to be more successful at school, and life. Doing chores increases their self-esteem, makes them more responsible and they are better able to handle frustration/delay gratification.
  • Over 460 reusable static cling icon stickers covering 7 areas: Around the House, Behavior & Manners, My Room, Myself, Outside, Practice, Preparedness
  • Great tool for all ages:
    • The visual icon stickers mean that Readers and Non-readers can use these boards successfully
    • Let kids help set up their chore boards - my kids love to move the stickers and see their accomplishments!  And they also love coming up with their rewards for the week!
    • Younger kids can use smiley faces when the days' chores are done, practice counting or writing numbers
    • Older kids get math practice - addition (adding all daily chore numbers), greater than/less than (did I do enough chores to meet my goal number?). 
  • Select from 8 sport designs: Baseball, Basketball, Football, Ice Hockey, Softball, Soccer, Tennis, Volleyball

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Product Detail
Size: 9" x 12"

Material: MDF

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