Be You Gifts Affiliate Marketing Program Information

Would you like to make extra money without taking hours away from your family?

Would you like extra money for sport’s tournaments and equipment, band uniforms or dance costumes? Want to take the family on vacation - or buy extra Christmas presents? Sign up for our Affiliate Program and earn money while you watch your kids’ games or even while you catch up on sleep! 

Take 5 minutes to sign up - our third party affiliate program management company does all the heavy lifting. You will receive a digital link, unique to you, as well as a code that can be entered when a customer checks out online. You will also have access to an individual dashboard - just log-in to track your profits!

Digital Link Example
- Publish the unique link on Facebook. Every time that link is clicked and the person clicking the link buys a product, you make money! Get some private lessons for your kids!
Code Example - Does your son or daughter have a baseball tournament? Pass out business cards with the code (and our website information) to the parents and coaches attending the games. When the parent or coach purchases a product online, and uses the code, you make money!  Buy those dance costumes!

Share your profits - Would you like to give part of your money to the team or a charity? We can do that! We can set up special codes and links to split money between different affiliates.

Recruit Others
- Recruit others to sign-up as affiliates and earn money when they make money!