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This 2-in-1 Chore, Reward, Behavior & Daily Routine Board has helped my mornings (and days) run so much more smoothly! Help give your child the structure and tools they need to be successful - chores and a schedule! Comes with over 580 reusable static cling stickers!

This 2-sided design combines two of our most popular boards - the Chore Reward & Behavior Chart is one one side and the Kid's Daily Routine Chart ( use for Morning Routine, Evening Routine or both) is on the other side. The Daily Routine side helps take the stress out of mornings by getting everyone out the door on time while the Chore Reward and Behavior side helps kids to learn about responsibilities (and consequences). 

Chore Reward & Behavior Chart Side

Research has shown when kids do chores they tend to be more successful at school, and life. Doing chores increases their self-esteem, makes them more responsible and they are better able to handle frustration/delay gratification.

  • Over 460 reusable static cling icon stickers covering 7 areas: Around the House, Behavior & Manners, My Room, Myself, Outside, Practice, Preparedness
  • Great tool for all ages: The visual icon stickers mean that Readers and Non-readers can use these boards successfully
  • Let kids help set up their chore boards - my kids love to move the stickers and see their accomplishments! And they also love coming up with their rewards for the week!
  • Younger kids can use smiley faces when the days' chores are done, practice counting or writing numbers
  • Older kids get math practice - addition (adding all daily chore numbers), greater than/less than (did I do enough chores to meet my goal number?).

Kid's Schedule Chart Side

  • Over 120 reusable static cling stickers - including smiley faces (on time or early) and frowny faces (running late)
  • Flexible uses - schedule the entire day, morning or afternoon/evening
  • Dry Erase Surface - allows you to customize schedule items and goal times, kids can write-in their actual finish times
  • Helps Build Self-Esteem - Kids want to be successful and contribute to the family - this board helps them do that by helping them succeed at getting things done on time!
  • Can Help Lower Anxiety - Kids know what is expected of them and how to do it
  • Positive Reinforcement - Rewards for being on time (a favorite of my kids is getting to be the chef's helper for dinner).
  • Kids learn responsibility and preparedness
  • Telling Time & Math Practice - What time did they finish? Was this greater than or less than the time they were supposed to finish? Did they meet their time goal? Supports difference between A.M. and P.M.
  • Select from 6 fun designs: Gymnastics, Karate, Mermaid, Ninja, Pirate, Unicorn

Product Detail

Size: 9" x 12", Ribbon included.

Material: Aluminum

We include ribbon for hanging the boards - my kids hang theirs on our magnetic command center board where it is easy to reach and use during the day!

Our goal is 1-3 production days (this does not include shipping time which is typically an additional 5-8 business days for free shipping).